VVS Expeller Industries is an ISO 9001: 2015 Company and also accredited with QVA Certification of Compliance. We introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer and exporters of high Quality Expeller Machines and Parts of various types and sizes. We also manufacturer Neutralizer Tank, Baby Boilers, Elevators, Conveyors, Seed Cleaners and Storage Tanks etc.

We have latest machinery and equipments to ensure quality products. We can manufacturer products as per specific requirements. We market all our products under our popular brand name PARAM.

We are very professional in providing excellent after sales services.We have a trained team of well qualified engineers who look after sales services.

Packing Section
GEARS : The Gears and pinions manufactured from tested alloy steels with straight and helical teeth to ensure smooth running of gears & given high tempered processing for long lasting.

Shape design and material of construction of Pressing of modern Worms and Heat treatment, there of, are the essence of modern Oil Milling, Our Worms are made of E. N. Range etc. type of high grade tested steel to ensure their long life, maximum extraction of giving a decisive edge to the machine. Cage Bars sets are also made of this kind of quality to ensure better crushing and maximum output from the mechanism.
MAIN SHAFT : Perfect alignment of shaft and bearings size is obtained with super workmanship to avoid lateral displacement of the shafts


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